Random PCR tests in all factories with large workforce

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

Random PCR tests will be carried out in all factories with a large workforce, the military said.

Head of the National Operations Centre for the Prevention of COVID-19 Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva told Colombo Gazette that the Government random PCR tests were being carried out since the initial coronavirus outbreak in March 2020.

However, the Army Commander said that following the detection of a new COVID-19 cluster in Minuwangoda, random PCR tests will be intensified and will be carried out in a large scale.

The Army Commander further said that the PCR tests will cover not only the other factories linked to the Minuwangoda factory, but also other garment factories and places with a large workforce.

He further said despite a quarantine order being issued earlier, some employees of the infected Minuwangoda factory have failed to report to the allocated locations announced by the Police Department.

As a result military personnel are now engaged in conducting door-to-door visits to find these employees.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said such behaviour by the employees is unfair by the military as it not only risks their lives but those of the public as well.

Therefore, the Army Commander called on the employees who have failed to report to the allocated places to act responsibly and requested them to report to the locations as soon as possible.

The Army Commander further requested any Minuwangoda apparel factory workers or contacts who have not reported to health authorities as of now to contact 011 3456548 for facilities to be provided. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How much for each case and who are the nominated people by the Army Commander. Can the factories afford this. Let the health Department take. this function over as it is the responsibility of the Government to look after the Covid 19 episode

  2. Do the “positively diagnosed” people ever get sick/ have any symptoms/ feel bad? And if yes, how many of them?

    It would be kind of strange to have over 1000 people “tested postively” for a deadly virus, yet later it appears that maybe 10 people have any symptoms at all?
    Where it is possible to check that kind of statistics?
    Usually, in the times when something like common sense existed, people that were sick/ felt bad, simply did not go to work (because they were sick and they feel it, which I think is normal human behaviour). It was not only normal human behaviour for a well being (and healing) of a sick person, but also was helped not infecting the others.
    I may understand that in these big “factories” workers rights are not like they should be, but still… It’s hard to believe that all people were OK, worked normally long hours and suddenly, later 1000s of them are “diagnosed positively” with a PRC test.
    Or maybe some of the people had such mild/weak symptoms that they ignored it and put it on the fault of their hard factory work (fatigue for example) ? And that would mean that the virus is…
    PCR testing doesn’t say that someone is sick… And very often, the results of the test depends how sensitive (or not) it is setup.
    Society and health care system should concentrate on isolating/ healing and actually treating sick people. Like usually doctors do or used to do!

    So lets see in the coming weeks how many of these “diagnosed positively” people will actually feel bad/ have symptoms/ get sick…and hopefully noone will die.

    Lets stay humanish and healthy in these crazy times, and good luck to all of us!


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