Repatriation flights to Sri Lanka from UAE suspended

Repatriation flights to Sri Lanka from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been suspended, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi said today.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi together with Sri Lanka Consulate General’s Office in Dubai informed the Sri Lankan expatriate community in UAE that due to unforeseen escalation of COVID-19 cases in Sri Lanka all repatriation and charter flights have been temporary suspended.

“We urge our community members who are looking forward to going back to our motherland to be patient until the repatriation flight operations are resumed shortly,” the Embassy said.

The Embassy said that it will further notify those seeking to return to Sri Lanaka on the procedure of the repatriation operations in due course. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. No one underestimates the dangers and seriousness of Covid19, but the fact is the virus is a reality all countries have to live with. Sri Lanka seems to have abandon its tens of thousands of citizens overseas – the very ones who have done so much to keep the economy afloat through their remittances home. Now in their hour of need, they are forced to wait, many without jobs, visas or means to support themselves. If the government’s response is to halt repatriation flights every time the case count jumps, it will be years before Sri Lankans are able to return home. This is as unreasonable as it is unacceptable.


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