Health Ministry in talks with officials on A/L and Grade 5 scholarship exams

The Health Ministry is in talks with the Examinations Department on the Advanced Level (A/L) and Grade 5 scholarship examinations.

Chief Epidemiologist Dr Sudath Samaraweera said that a decision is yet to be reached on if the exam can be held or if it should be postponed.

He said that discussions in this regard are taking place between the relevant officials.

Education Minister, Professor G.L G. L. Peiris told reporters yesterday that there are requests from parents to hold the examination on schedule despite the latest developments in Gampaha.

He said that if the exam is held on schedule the safety and security of the students will be priority.

The Minister said that a final decision will be taken over the next couple of days.

The Grade 05 Scholarship Examination is set to be held on Sunday, 11th of October, while the GCE Advanced Level Examination is due to be held from Monday, 12th of October to the 06th of November. (Colombo Gazette)

UPDATE: Advanced Level and Grade 5 scholarship examinations to go ahead


  1. Please post pone karanna exam ek.නිරෝධනයට giya lminge manasika tatwaya gn hitnn..meka nikn text ekk newe daruwnge jeewite tirny wn exam ekk.e lmi exam leewt ek hoda manasika mttamen newe gn nawta salaka balanna මහත්වරුනි.

  2. lamaige wibaga manasikathwaya watinawada unge saukyata wada?…
    community transmission thiyenawa kiyala pahadili kota lamai 700,000 nannaththara karanna hadanne…

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