Sammanthurai court approves DNA test to identify real mother

A court in Sammanthurai has approved a request by the Police to conduct a DNA test to identify the real mother of a boy after two women claimed he was their son.

The Sammanthurai Magistrate heard submissions from both sides and postponed the case for tomorrow (October 7).

Both women and the boy appeared before the Police recently and were questioned over their claims.

A woman in Ampara claimed last week she had found her son who went missing following the deadly 2004 tsunami.

Abusali Sithi said that her 5-year-old son went missing after the tsunami hit Maligaikadu in Karativu, Ampara in December 2004.

The Ampara woman said that she continued her fight to locate her son and had later established contact with him.

However, another woman, Nurul Ishan Junaideen came forward claiming that she is the real mother of the child. (Colombo Gazette)


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