Key decisions to be taken after results of latest PCR tests are obtained

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The Government is to take some key decisions once the results of the latest PCR tests on the Minuwangoda factory workers are obtained.

Cabinet Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that the next 48-hours will be critical with regard to the latest COVID-19 outbreak in the Gampaha district.

Minister Rambukwella said that a large number of PCR tests have been conducted to identify more patients and the results are due either by this evening or tomorrow.

The Government will draw further decisions with regard to the new COVID-19 cluster based on the results of the PCR tests due over the next 48-hours.

“Another 2000 PCR tests have been conducted within the last 24-hours in areas identified as potential places for the spread of the virus. The results of these tests will be used to ascertain the source of the contraction by the Supervisor of the Apparel factory in Minuwangoda,” Rambukwella said.

Minister Keheliya Rambukwella pointed out that it was the responsibility of the Government to address the new COVID-19 cluster and that all necessary measures and extra care has been taken to contain the virus.

He assured that the Government was well equipped to conduct large scale PCR tests and consists of developed treatment facilities and necessary equipment to handle the outbreak, in comparison to March this year.

When inquired if an islandwide Police curfew or travel restrictions will be imposed in certain areas in the country as a result of the new cluster, the Minister said that such decisions will be taken based on the results of the PCR tests due today and tomorrow.

Responding to questions raised on the health guidelines being disregarded during the recently held Colombo book fair, the Cabinet Spokesman said many organizations including the public have become complacent with the guidelines, causing loopholes and a resurgence of the virus.

Minister Rambukwella said that the Government must address such loopholes, adding that if the public do not support the Government in this regard, then the Government alone cannot contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The Cabinet Spokesman called on the general public to strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the Health Ministry and to help the Government in combating the COVID-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education will take a final decision on the GCE Advanced Level Examination 2020 and Grade five scholarship Examination 2020 later today or tomorrow.

Rambukwella said that there was no change as yet to the scholarship examination scheduled for this Sunday (11) and A/Level examination set to commence from Monday (12).

All necessary measures and preparations have been completed to conduct the two examinations.

However, nearly 2000 PCR tests were conducted within the last 24-hours on those linked to the COVID-19 cluster identified in the Gampaha district. The Government is awaiting the results of those tests, due by this evening or tomorrow morning, to further ascertain the current impact in the country, Rambukwella said.

Minister Rambukwella said depending on the results of these PCR tests the Education Ministry will take a final decision on the A/Level and scholarship examinations. (Colombo Gazette)