Central Bank settles USD 1 billion in international sovereign bonds

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka says it successfully completed the settlement of the maturing International Sovereign Bond of US dollars 1 billion along with the due coupon payments, on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka today.

The settlement reconfirms the Government’s unwavering commitment to honour its foreign liabilities, thereby bolstering investor confidence and dispelling any concerns foreign investors may have in relation to the Government’s ability and willingness to maintain its unblemished debt servicing record, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka said.

The domestic foreign exchange market has already reacted positively to this settlement and other recent positive developments in the Sri Lankan economy.

With the envisaged inflows to the domestic foreign exchange market supported by proactive measures taken by the Government and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the market sentiment is expected to further strengthen in the period ahead. (Colombo Gazette)