Bribery case filed against Johnston Fernando dismissed

A case filed by the Bribery Commission against Minister Johnston Fernando was dismissed by the Colombo High Court today.

The Colombo High Court dismissed the case in which Fernando was accused of employing CWE workers outside their scope of duties from 2010 – 2014.

The Bribery Commission filed the case against Fernando in May 2016 accusing Fernando being responsible for Rs. 40.1 million in losses to the Government when he was the Minister of Cooperatives. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Looks like this is all to entertain the public. This is only a ‘Paper Exercise’. Vast sums of money paid as salaries to and keep the Bribery Commission staff in cushy jobs. Lawyers make a killing. Guilty are laughing. We are yet to see a successful prosecution. Wonder of Sri Lanka !!!!!!

  2. What a disappointment to the Bribery Commission. Everyone who is charged with Bribery and Corruption, wriggles out of it
    pretty easily. We need to question the power and the purpose of the Bribery Commission. All this time, how many have been charged and punishments given ?

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