Namal says he was a victim of cyberbullying

Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Namal Rajapaksa says he was a victim of cyberbullying.

Rajapaksa tweeted saying cyberbullying is a very serious offence and efforts must be taken to put a stop to it.

“#Cyberbullying is a very serious offense & we are all potential victims! I myself have been a victim to this & understand full well it’s impact! There are countless others out there, It’s time we put a 🛑 to it! I thank Hon.Ali Sabry for providing the leadership to end this,” he tweeted.

Rajapaksa tweeted following talks with Justice Minister Ali Sabry and other stakeholders on efforts that must be taken to stop cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means.

Cyberbullying and cyberharassment are also known as online bullying. It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers, as the digital sphere has expanded and technology has advanced.

Cyberbullying is when someone, typically a teenager, bullies or harasses others on the internet and in other digital spaces, particularly on social media sites. (Colombo Gazette)