Discussions resume to enact Animal Welfare Bill

Discussions have resumed to enact the much sought after Animal Welfare Bill.

Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Namal Rajapaksa tweeted saying he had talks with Justice Minister Ali Sabry and animal rights activists on the Animal Welfare Bill.

“The #animalwelfarebill has been 10yrs in the making & in the past did not get the attention it deserved. As a nation we are very sensitive toward the welfare of all beings, it’s time we take firm steps to protect them. Thank you Hon. Ali Sabry, @otaradel  & countless activists,” he tweeted.

Last year animal rights activists staged a demonstration near Temple Trees demanding protection for animals following an incident where a dog was set on fire in Negombo.

The then Government assured that steps will be taken to push for the Animal Welfare Bill but there was no progress on the matter.

The current British-colonial laws to prevent cruelty to animals in Sri Lanka have not been updated since 1907, and are completely inadequate to deal with today’s challenges like elephant riding, factory farming, and unethical wildlife tourism. (Colombo Gazette)