Cabinet approves proposal to ban cattle slaughter

The cabinet of Ministers has approved the proposal tabled by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to ban cattle slaughter in Sri Lanka.

The cabinet said it will take immediate necessary measures to amend the Animal Act No.29 of 1958, the cattle slaughter Ordinance No.09 of 1893, and other related laws and regulations passed by the local authorities regarding cattle slaughter which are currently enforced in the country.

The cabinet further said measures will also be taken to import the required meat and provide it at a concessionary price for people who consume beef. A suitable program will also be implemented for ageing cattle which cannot be used effectively for agricultural purposes.

“As a country with an economy based on agriculture, the contributions of the cattle resource to develop the livelihood of the rural people of Sri Lanka is immense. Various parties have pointed out that the livestock resource that is required for traditional farming purposes is insufficient due to the rise of cattle slaughter and the insufficient livestock resource is an obstacle to uplift the local dairy industry which enables development of the livelihood of the rural people while reducing the substantial amount of foreign exchange attracted towards foreign countries on imported milk powder”, the cabinet of Ministers pointed out.

On 08th September, the Parliamentary Group of the ruling party, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), approved a proposal to ban cattle slaughter in Sri Lanka.

However, the Government later announced that the final decision pertaining to the banning of cattle slaughter has been delayed by a month.

Cabinet spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said at the time that discussions will be held with respective groups prior to reaching a decision. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It’s a myth that Muslim countries do not import pork and make available pork products to foreign visitors.

    There are middle eastern/Muslim countries that make available pork and pork products, just as they do alcohol. There are muslim countries in which the locals hunt wild pig/boar for food. This has been my own experience having traveled to three different Muslim countries in the middle east.

  2. Ban beef and push the people to kill wildlife to eat meat. South Asia full of utter fools. You have no chance to live in a developed country.

  3. A worthy cause. People who eat beef got other options, so there is no need to import, just to satisfy some. Moslem countries do not import Pork just to satisfy Tourists. Also imports of beef will involve corruption and favouritism. Ban Beef altogether, without
    ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, otherwise there will be illegal slaughtering in the country as done hitherto. It is no point in grabbing headlines, if the proposal is not watertight.

    • Yep, we could eat poultry fed with meat and bone meal and pumped with steroids. This is what happens when people with a “loin-cloth“ mentality are elected to parliament.

      P.s. Have you ever looked at the arms of Sri Lankan women and wondered why they are so unusually fat ?

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