Forty-seven foreigners arrested for overstaying visas

Forty-seven foreigners have been arrested for overstaying their visas, the Police said today.

The Police said the foreigners were arrested during a special operation carried out in the Western Province.

A total of 1,481 suspects were arrested during the special Police operation.

Of the 1,481 suspects are 514 suspects linked to drug related offences and 326 people who had warrants issued against them.

Of the 1,481 suspects arrested the Police arrested 47 foreigners in the Western Province for overstaying their visas. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If there are any Africans – especially Nigerians, deport them immediately. They are not here as Tourists, They are here to swindle money, operate scams, cheat businesses etc. They know our country is full of corrupt officials and an easy target. It is a risk granting visas for them. Just check how much they bring and spend in the country. They take back more ! This is a fair warning.

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