Delhi and Colombo increase intelligence cooperation on the high seas

India and Sri Lanka have stepped up Intelligence cooperation on the high seas ever since President Gotabaya Rajapaksa came to power, the Economic Times reported.

Delhi and Colombo have plans to put in place a robust counter-terror framework, including deradicalisation initiatives in the backdrop of the 2019 Easter bombings.

The two sides have stepped up Intelligence cooperation on the high seas ever since Gotabaya Rajapaksa came to power, enabling Colombo to crack down against drug mafia that funds terrorism within Sri Lanka, sources gave told ET.

Developments after Easter Sunday terror attacks demonstrated the resolve of India to cooperate in the Counter-Terrorism field, including through timely Intelligence sharing. This was in line with the Modi government’s approach of zero tolerance to terrorism anywhere, everywhere, anytime and every time, one of the above-mentioned sources said.

India is working on a plan to offer $50 million Line of Credit (LoC) to Sri Lanka in the defence sector –– the first such gesture towards the Southern neighbour as the two sides decided to expand defence and security partnership at Saturday’s summit to stabilise the Indian Ocean Region and the Bay of Bengal in the backdrop of China’s growing ambitions in these zones.

Delhi has plans to offer defence hardware to Lanka under LoC, besides expanding the training programme of the military of the island nation, ET has reliably gathered. There are also plans to supply hardware and equipment to other branches of the country’s military besides expanding supplies for Navy based on their needs, ET has learnt. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Indian leaders don’t have a strategy to develop South Asia since the independence, especially to utilise the largest human resources. However, they allowed the population to increase uncontrollably. Currently, this massive population is a big issue during the COVID 19.

    This massive pollution is also increasing the pollution, because it uses fuel, electricity and gas. On top of that people are destroying trees and water dams to build private and commercial properties. Today, you are facing the pandemic, tomorrow you will be facing natural disasters if you don’t seriously deal with the increasing population.

    Please note: if Sri Lanka does not take global warming seriously, don’t be surprised if most of Sri Lanka goes under the water due to sea level rising.

  2. A county has no plans to redeem itself from its deep hole, but willing to help Sri Lanka. Anyone who has reasonable geopolitical knowledge would know what is coming to India.

    I am glad PSB has acknowledged India’s failure in his last speech. PSB is not only a great singer but has wealth of knowledge and also had courage to tell the truth publicly.

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