A quaint little corner called CAFÉ KAI

They say it’s gourmet on the go, it’s grab and go and it’s a quaint little corner in a busy lobby.  Café Kai is that place where one could just relax over a hot cuppa or a fresh juice and a salmon bagel or an oven fresh fruity Danish with a friend, colleague or on your own.

Hilton Colombo’s Café Kai offers you breakfast, an all-day dining menu and a grab ‘n’ go range.  Freshly poured coffees fill the air with an aroma that tempts you even if you are not looking out for a quick bite and drink!

Café Kai also offers the grab and go range from hand crafted chocolates to decadent cakes, French pastries, wraps, healthy salads, smoothies, sandwiches, fruit cups, everyone’s favourite the  savory beef sandwich with mayo, cheese and gherkin are a few of the many items on the shelf ready to be picked up.

A new range of cakes have just hit the shelves and worth checking out; Praline Chocolate Crispy – four layers of Harlem spongers, sandwiched  with chocolate  butter cream  and butter icing, caramel sauce, nougat, meringue and praline, topped with chocolate glaze, Strawberry Lover – four layers of   butter cake, sandwiched with butter cream, butter icing, strawberry filling and nougat topped with red ganache, macaroons, strawberries and chocolate sheets, Crazy Caramel Mint – four layers of Harlem  spongers, sandwiched with chocolate cream and mint mousse, chocolate ganache, caramel  sauce and glazed with caramel cream, Lemon Blueberry – layered butter cake, sandwiched with butter cream and butter icing, lemon curd, blueberry filling and nougat covered with pink and violet butter cream garnished with chocolate feathers, Espresso Manjari Mousse – layers of chocolate chip spongers, soaked in  Hennessy syrup,  sandwiched with coffee truffle, white chocolate mousse and manjari mousse covered with dark glaze  are a few of the delectable cakes that are available. Apparently there are more to come…Watch the space!

The all-time favourite Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, the whole wheat bagel with cottage cheese, cherry tomato, rocket leaves, aged parmesan, sliced pear, caramelize red onions, fried egg topped with a poached egg and béarnaise sauce, battered ham & cheese sandwich, toasted English muffin with Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato, shallots, rocket salad and red pesto panini, chicken enchilada omelet and the Kai waffle with roasted young coconut, mixed berry compote, cream and icing snow are among the popular breakfast favorites on the menu.

A few of the all-time favorites on the “All Day Menu”: a treat for sausage lovers, the Bangers & Mash – home-made artisanal lamb and chicken sausage on mash, glazed carrots and peas served with onion gravy, the NY Black Iron Burger; a prime beef patty made to Chef’s secret recipe, topped with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, French Dijon mustard on white bun which is a definite “must try”.

The roasted Berkshire pork tenderloin crusted with panko comes with grilled vegetables, spätzle, potato salad, yellow lentil, shallots and soy mustard sauce, Kai’s fish curry served with coconut rice and condiments a classic you may want to sample from this menu and the Sri Lankan memories – a platter of local delights from crispy mutton, chicken, fish or vegetable cutlets, homemade butter cake along with a cup of freshly brewed Ceylon tea or ginger beer!

Every delightful selection tells a story of the chef’s love for food.  Stop by Café Kai and select the perfect savory or sweet delight that speaks to you.  You can be certain that your taste buds will become your new best friends!

For more information call the F&B Reservations Desk on 2492492 or log on to www.hiltoncolombo1.com or FB/hiltoncolombo.