India notes declaration of India first security policy by Sri Lanka

India has noted the clear declaration of the India first security policy by Sri Lanka, the Indian High Commission in Colombo said today.

In his address at the Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka India Society in Colombo, Indian Deputy High Commissioner Vinod K Jacob positively assessed the strong engagement between India and Sri Lanka during the past year including in the context of mutual support in dealing with Covid related challenges.

He recalled the smooth coordination in facilitating evacuation flights for stranded nationals in each other’s country. The strong support given by the Government of Sri Lanka in repatriation of nearly 700 stranded Indian nationals on board INS Jalashwa in early June was particularly noteworthy.

Deputy High Commissioner Jacob observed that both sides are working towards revitalizing the economic engagement and people to people links. He highlighted the on going cooperation in the defence and security fields. Recently, the close cooperation between the Sri Lankan and Indian forces ensured that the fire on the MT New Diamond was successfully controlled and the ship stabilised.

Deputy High Commissioner Jacob said that it was encouraging to note the clear declaration of India First Security policy by Sri Lankan government and expressed the view that it reflected a fair assessment of the current state of security cooperation between India and Sri Lanka.

Recalling that the India Sri Lanka development cooperation partnership had concluded it’s fifteenth anniversary, Deputy High Commissioner Jacob noted that the overall portfolio currently stood at close to USD 3.45 billion.

He also expressed confidence that India could be a reliable partner for Sri Lanka in attaining post millennium energy security through cooperation in both traditional and renewable forms of energy.  (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Singapore is a dot in the world, but it does not put Malaysia or Indonesia on its head and dance. The Singapore leaders put Singapore’s interests first and the people follow them, including Tamils who live in Singapore. That is call leadership. Late former President J R was on the right track to develop the country as Singapore, but didn’t persuade the people and utterly failed to take them on aboard. Eventually, India took advantage of his weakness and used Tamils against the Sri Lankan governments. Good policy won’t take you anywhere unless you have the capacity to take the people on aboard to achieve it. I hope President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is open to learn from late former President J R’s mistake. Putting Sri Lanka’s interests first is not wrong, but allowing the foreign powers to use your people to divide and conquer Sri Lanka is wrong. I strongly believe that the Rajapaksas administration is lacking strategies to persuade the people about their policies. Sri Lanka is a developing country, it lacks knowledge and people are poor. The foreign power can easily persuade the people to accomplish its ulterior motive. Therefore, the Rajapaksas have to do more to keep the people on their side. Every policy must have strategies to persuade the people. If you don’t have a plan, you have a plan to fail. You are waiting for a disaster, if you think that you only need strategies to win the election.

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