Lyceum Alumni Association calls for independent inquiry into allegations

The Lyceum Alumni Association has called for an independent inquiry into allegations of abuse and harassment against certain individuals holding positions of authority in the school.

In a statement issued today Dominic Kellar, President of the Lyceum Alumni Association said: We, the committee of the Lyceum Alumni Association, are deeply concerned and saddened by the recent spate of posts and comments on social media relating to allegations of abuse and harassment against certain individuals holding positions of authority in the School.

We do not condone any injustice or abuse of students and wish to state that, whilst outright accusations and allegations have to be proved with evidence, some of us on this very committee too have personally encountered incidents, mostly of a psychological nature, during our time at school, regretfully casting a lingering dark shadow in our minds and which we will not and cannot forget.

Some of us have been students of LIS since it’s inception, and have many happy memories of the years we spent there, during Lyceum’s formative years when perhaps many mistakes were made, understandably, by the administration as the school grew and came to be a formidable force in the educational system of this country. It is worrying however that these accusations continue today. It is understood that discipline is of paramount importance in any school, yet, there were occasions when this was taken too far.

As the official Lyceum Alumni Association we wish to reaffirm the fact that we are purely an independent, apolitical, non-profit, non-governmental organization, and in keeping with our stated purpose and objectives, are deeply concerned about the current simmering issues being raised and hence strongly urge the Management and Directors that govern Lyceum International School to conduct a thorough, credible, and independent inquiry into these allegations and ensure that justice is done by all concerned.

Such an inquiry is to include recommendations for remedial actions we trust and expect the school management to implement without delay.

The Alumni Association stands ready to support such a process as we take the responsibility within it’s limited capacity to contribute towards ensuring every student is given the best possible environment and support system to reach their maximum human potential.