A/L, Grade 5 Scholarship tuition classes prohibited

Tuition classes and seminars related to the GCE Advanced Level Examinations 2020 have been prohibited from midnight on 06th October, the Department of Examinations announced.

The Department further said tuition classes and seminars for the Grade 5 Scholarship Examinations 2020 will be prohibited from midnight on 07th October.

A total of 362,824 candidates will be sitting for the GCE Advanced Level Examinations at 2648 examination centres from 12th October to 06th November 2020.

Meanwhile, 331, 694 students will sit for the Grade 05 Scholarship Examination in 2936 examination centres on 11th October 2020. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Singapore leaders can understand the following letter, unfortunately Sri Lankan leaders can’t. This is the difference between success and failure.

    His Excellency President Gotabaya Rajapaksa
    C/O Presidential Secretariat
    Galle Face,
    Colombo 1, Sri Lanka
    Date: 23/09/2020

    Your Excellency,

    Re: the unemployed English HND holders can become the game changer.

    The Parliament members are fighting about their mother tongue. Clearly, the current system is not working, it is continue to encourage stereotypes. Plus, it is too costly to educate everyone in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages. If they are only fluent in their mother tongue, their skill is not transferable. For an example, a science teacher who qualified in Sinhala languages cannot be used in Tamil medium schools, likewise a science teacher who qualified in Tamil languages cannot be used in Sinhala medium schools. If the official language is English, they can work any part of Sri Lanka as well as internationally. Furthermore, they can utilise books, newspapers, magazines and articles in English language to enhance their knowledge on their own. This will allow them to compete with the developed country quickly. As the President, you have an opportunity to enhance the students’ English language skills to facilitate their research capability.

    The unemployed English HND holders should be given further training to teach other subjects in English language to facilitate primary school students to learn in English medium, in order to make English as an official language as Singapore. The government has enough time to prepare for secondary school teachers to teach in English medium, because it will take five years for primary school students to qualify for secondary school. The government must allow Sinhalease to learn Sinhala language and Tamils to learn Tamil language as their mother tongue and every student must pass mother tongue to pass high school. This will keep their cultural identity. Learning in English Medium does not compromise your cultural identity, clearly you can understand it, because of your past life in the English speaking country. Only short minded leaders see International language as a threat to their cultural identity, but wise leaders see International language as an opportunity for knowledge and wealth.


    Yours sincerely,
    Antany Peter.

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