Softlogic Information Technologies partner Whale Cloud to bring Smart innovative digital transformation solutions to Sri Lanka

Softlogic Information Technologies, one of the country’s leading software and hardware solutions providers and a subsidiary of Softlogic Holdings PLC announced today that it has partnered with Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., a global leading data intelligence technology company to bring innovative IT solutions to businesses in Sri Lanka.

Speaking on the partnership, Roshan Rassool Chief Executive Officer / Director of the Organization said, “Softlogic IT constantly strives to bring in the latest and most innovative enterprise solutions to help businesses in Sri Lanka embrace digital transformation. How business is conducted has specifically changed over the last few months during the lockdowns and the need for these solutions is all the more evident now”.

The partnership between Whale Cloud and Softlogic Information Technologies will create innovative solutions predominantly for the health sector, education, and transport sectors while aiming to make Colombo a smart and safe city. Whale Cloud is responsible for creating more than 100 smart cities around Asia and continuously uses data intelligence to create limitless possibilities for organizations looking to transform to digital processes.

Accordingly, based on this partnership, Whale Cloud and Softlogic Information Technologies will deepen their strategic relationship and will be introducing more ICT innovations, to improve convenience in fast-paced, modern life styles and offer solutions to increase social efficiency, transparency and productivity.

As part of the Alibaba Group and an important partner of Alibaba Cloud’s software service ecosystem, Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2003, serves telecom operators, governments, and enterprises in more than 80 countries and regions with high-quality solutions and professional services. Positioned to become a global leader in digital transformation, Whale Cloud is committed to bringing technologies and industry knowledge to customers, and bringing the benefits and convenience of digital life to every place in the world. Whale Cloud, with two decades of experience in the ICT field, has built its core competitiveness in communications software, operation services, cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, and Internet architecture. Supported by its 16+ center of expertise (COE) around the world, Whale Cloud continues to enhance its technical strength, invest in product innovations, and expand business landscape.

Whale Cloud develops customer-centric business models of “product-based software and professional service”, winning trust and cooperation from customers from various fields. Over the past years, Whale Cloud has received many awards, including the company-level CMMI 5 certificate, “Key National Software Enterprise”, “Top 100 Chinese Software Companies by Revenue”, “TM Forum Open Digital Award”, “Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Value Leadership Award”, “Informa Best Digital Transformation Recommendation Award”, and “Best Practice Project Award for Digital China Construction”, and holds the national level-1 qualifications for computer and information system integration and international project contracting. The company has already supplied technologies to Sri Lanka in the field of highway and telecommunication and has the most advanced railway ticketing technology in the pipeline to be introduced to Sri Lanka as well.