Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Russia hopes to get vaccinated with Sputnik V

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Moscow Meegahalande Durage Lamawansa said on Monday he planned getting inoculated with Russia’s vaccine against COVID-19, dubbed Sputnik V, in the near future, Sputnik news reported.

“I am ready to receive Sputnik V vaccine in the near future, as soon as I come back from Sri Lanka. The vaccine is now going through Phase 3 trials, I would be happy to take part in it,” Lamawansa said.

“As a doctor, I want to add that although some countries have recently recorded some decrease in the spreading of COVID-19, the global community should remain vigilant and unite effort to establish full control over the new infection,” the Ambassador noted.

Russia became the first country to register a vaccine against the virus that causes COVID-19 in early August. The country has since reached agreements with more than 20 countries to deliver over a billion doses of the vaccine and agreements with five nations for the mass production.

According to the Russian health ministry, Sputnik V is safe and has proven to be capable of building immunity against the virus. The vaccine is yet to complete the required Phase 3 of clinical trials.


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