Government says no decision to withdraw from UNHRC

The Government says no decision has been taken to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

The Government Information Department said in a statement today that some media had misreported comments made by Cabinet co-spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella at a media briefing yesterday (Thursday).

“During the press conference, Hon. Minister Keheliya Rambukwella did not mentioned on Sri Lanka’s withdrawal from the UNHRC. He only mentioned that Sri Lanka has already taken the necessary steps to withdraw from the co-sponsorship of Resolution 30/1,” the Government Information Department said.

Sri Lanka withdrew from Resolution 30/1 in February and informed the UNHRC of the decision during the March session in Geneva.

On Monday the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said she was troubled that the new Government is swiftly reneging on its commitments to the Human Rights Council since it withdrew its support for resolution 30/1.

She had encouraged the Council to give renewed attention to Sri Lanka, in view of the need to prevent threats to peace, reconciliation and sustainable development. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Michelle Bachelet is faithful to particular wealthy countries. Those countries contribute big money to the UNHRC. Ultimately she will lose her position, if she doesn’t fulfil the powerful countries’ agendas. Obviously, she would not talk about those wealthy countries’ human rights abuses, invasions and the way they treat their First People.

    Power and wealth through deception

    I was surprised when I had found out about the Australian genocides. I just couldn’t believe how far the Australian Government goes to hide its historic crimes. The Australian Government deleted my citizenship and brought me to the street for making awareness of the Australian Aboriginal people’s hardships and Australia’s systematic genocides and cover ups. I also have lived in North America for five years and done enough researches about its true history. I was totally shocked when I found out the genocides in North America which were far worse than Hitler’s atrocities. However, those countries are continuing to hide the truth for centuries and occupying others’ homelands while preaching democracy and human rights.

    I am well aware of Sri Lankans and rest of South Asians.

    I have a good knowledge about Sri Lankans and rest of South Asians since they ran and hid when the Australian Government deleted my citizenship and brought me to the street due to my writings. What else I can expect from the people who were ruled, shaped and divided by the West? The West ripped off South Asia for centuries and divided South Asians in such a way so they have no chance to lead Asia or the world, but remain under the control of the West. Ironically, the Western countries are South Asians’ biggest allies. Pointless in talking about South Asians’ strategical manoeuvres when they can’t simply understand the importance of family planning. They still continue to increase the population to place unnecessary burden on taxpayers and creating internal divisions due to limited resources.

    Please note, the British gave independence to South Asia after making sure that divisions are in place and it has no chance of coming up. If Indian big brothers had a plan to unite South Asia to utilise the largest human resources, the British would not have given independence to South Asians. Because that would have been the greatest threat to the Western powers in the 20th century.

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