Rainco Campaigns for Change in the time of COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Sri Lanka as a nation is being recognized for its efforts in curbing the COVID-19 outbreak, however, this does not rule out a second wave, especially if we continue with this attitude of complacency. While the threat of COVID-19 seems largely in the past now that day to day life has resumed, this is far from the case – we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. The appropriate precautions must be taken by sticking to all the guidelines that have been put forth – wear a mask, sanitize, and maintain social distancing.

Rainco as an organization has always valued communications based on their core values. These values highlight goodness and the importance of taking precautions, the importance of well-being and the importance of taking things seriously – all values relevant to society especially during this time. To ensure that we keep up with our precautionary methods, Rainco has developed a campaign to remind the general audience of Sri Lanka that we must not get comfortable. We must embrace this new normal and change our behaviour for the betterment of our nation. Ahamed Aroos – Chief Operating Officer of Rainco Pvt Ltd emphasized, “We wanted to ensure that we give a message in an impactful way so that everyone will realize the need for precaution. With this objective in mind, we wanted to create an attitude change and a change in perception to show how important these hygiene practices are as a part of daily life. Because we can’t go for lockdowns. As a country, as a society, we have to move forward. Sri Lanka has to move forward, and we have all that it takes to move forward.”

As a people, Sri Lankans react very positively when instructed to do things for the community good. However, we can get lax with our responsibilities. The campaign theme has therefore been titled “Be the change – it starts with you”, to remind all that we each have an individual responsibility to ourselves and to others. This comes with a general change in attitude and perception of what it means to practice these precautionary steps and make them a habit of a daily lives.

Rainco has used the concept of the “Yaka” to communicate this message, with Yaka symbolising pride, vigour, while also representing the fearless history of the Yaka that dates back to thousands of years in Sri Lanka. Those who follow proper guidelines and are responsible will stand fearlessly with pride are ‘YAKAS’ in this new normal. Aroos reiterates “When we come together and we take it seriously, we can always ward off any evil. So YAKA, as an element of culture is traditionally used to ward off evil. So if we can be someone like a YAKA who is courageous, rigorous, fearless, and uncompromising, we can ward off any evil, even COVID-19 and the concerns of a second wave.”

Rainco doesn’t stop at simply spreading this message though, they have a program to partner with NGO’s and various organisations and institutions in Sri Lanka in order to help distribute face masks, set up handwashing stations. Aroos continues “We like to build our identity around being a Sri Lankan organization. Looking at this initiative, it is a contribution, it is a social cause. So we feel strongly responsible as an organization that we need to support this endeavour. We have seen that the President and the government have taken many steps to ensure that today, we as a nation stay free and stay away from any damage or impact from COVID-19. Therefore, now it is our responsibility, and each individual’s responsibility, as well as the organizations in the country’s responsibility, to ensure that we don’t behave in a way, in which this effort is going to go a waste.”

This attitude of strength and responsibility is what we must all hope to be – and it all starts by doing what is best for everyone by taking the necessary precautions every time you step out of your home. This campaign hopes that you will take pride in doing what is right and doing what is best for your country, while also ensuring that this attitude carries through to all the people around you. Rainco invites everyone to adapt to the new world with a grit of a “True Yaka” – “Be the Change – It Stars with You”