Police warn of online scam involving Chinese, Nigerians

The public have been cautioned of an online scam operated by Nigerians and Chinese nationals.

The Police have received 101 complaints with regard to the scam through which nearly Rs. 68 million is suspected to have been defrauded from Sri Lankans.

Under the scam, Sri Lankans are contacted via email or social media informing them of gifts or lotteries won overseas and are requested to make an advance payment for customs clearance or as delivery charges.

The Police said usually the public are lured under the guise of winning a lottery or visa to the US or Canada.

Individuals are befriended by the suspects on Facebook and are requested to provide details of their bank accounts and credit card details, they explained.

Four Nigerians and a group of Chinese nationals have already been arrested in Sri Lanka over the online scam, while investigations have identified another group also involved in the scam.

The Police have requested the public to remain vigilant of such scams and to refrain from providing personal details to strangers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Have you seen Nigerians visiting tourist attractions, going on safaris ? They are known for scamming.Beware Sri Lankan’s !

  2. I have money trees for sale. Instead of flowers they bloom US 100 dollar notes. But it only occurs once a year on February 30th. Please send LKR 1million for a plant.

  3. Nigerians are born swindlers. They operate such scams all over the world. They are visiting 3rd world countries not to travel and spend their money, but to operate these scams, as they know our people are gullible. Should not grant Visas to Nigerians.

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