SriLankan suspends employees engaged in visa fraud

SriLankan Airlines says it has suspends a group of employees engaged in visa fraud.

The four SriLankan employees have been arrested after being accused of engaging in visa fraud.

SriLankan Airlines said in a statement today that the airline had suspended the services of these employees since the month of July this year.

The airline said that the employees are not engaged in any operation of the airline at present.

SriLankan Airlines said it is cooperating with the law enforcement agencies in this regard. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. ‘Wonder of Asia’ is misleading the people and they are not acknowledging their true status. Ignoring the knowledge and skills are becoming a habit. Living in illusion that they know better in wonder of Asia is becoming a lifestyle. Sri Lankan Airlines requested a help from the Singapore Airlines to make profit. When the Singapore Airlines guided them into the right path, the Sri Lankan Airlines management didn’t want to follow it, but said ‘this is Sri Lanka we have our own way.’ The Singapore Airlines left them to have their own way, even as I write still Sri Lankan Airlines is running on loss.

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