Sivajilingam detained for commemorating former LTTE member

Former Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) MP M.K. Sivajilingam was detained in Kopay today.

The Police Media Unit said the former MP was detained for putting up a banner and commemorating former LTTE member Thileepan.

Thileepan had died in September 1987 while staging a hunger strike launched over several demands put forward to the Government of India during the civil war in Sri Lanka.

The Police Media Unit added that former MP Sivajilingam was taken into Police custody and was escorted to the Kopai Police Station. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Tamils still don’t have the essence of real politics. When it comes political awareness Tamils are the least in Asia. Just listen to the Tamil mainstream media or Tamil politicians, still they talk about Prabhakaran. Tamils’ fundamental political structure has been systematically destroyed by the foreign powers, but nobody has the knowledge or will power to address it. When it comes to real politics, Tamils are like sheep without a shepherd. The foreign powers will continue to keep the Tamils in dark to achieve their ulterior motives. Tamil leaders must understand the African Americans’ Civil Rights Movement to understand what is discrimination, nonviolence and how to take human development to the next level. Tamils must learn to understand MLK Junior, John Lewis and other civil rights leaders, instead of talking about Prabhakaran, Karuna or others who took arms to please the foreign powers. MLK Junior was arrested 29 times and John Lewis was arrested 40 times for their civil rights works. African Americans were slaves, they had separate schools, transports, theatres, beaches etc. They only had the voting rights in 1965. Tamils didn’t face this much discrimination in Sri Lanka. However, India misled Tamils and created terrorism in Sri Lanka and ruined Gandhi’s nonviolence ideology in South Asia. Tamils have destroyed Sri Lanka to please India, later on fell for the West and walked away from the Indo-Lanka accord and other peace agreements with the Sri Lankan government. Tamils leaders brought curse on themselves by eliminating or ignoring talented Tamils to achieve their petty desires through the foreign powers. Sadly, they are continuing the same ideology.

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