PHI impersonators defraud several individuals

By Indika Sri Aravinda

A group of individuals impersonating Public Health Inspectors (PHI) have defrauded residents living close to those placed in self-isolation in the Kahathuduwa area.

Residents of Yoda Mawatha, Siddamulla and Unapadura junction in Homagama have been defrauded in this manner.

Individuals in civil attire are reported to have told the area residents that they are required to make a payment of Rs. 2000 to undergo PCR tests.

The individuals had collected the money from residents living close to persons placed under self-isolation.

The suspects had collected Rs. 2000 from an initial amount of Rs. 6000 which the area residents were told to pay and had gone missing after claiming they would return later to collect samples for the PCR test.

When inquired in this regard, President of the PHI Association Upul Rohana said a number of PHI officers had complained to him with regard to such fake PHI officers operating in various areas.

He urged the public not to grant money to such individuals or any PHI officers and to inform the nearest Police station of such incidents.

Individuals defrauded by fake PHI officers have been requested to file a complaint with the PHI Association via its hotline 0112635675. (Colombo Gazette)