UN Human Rights chief raises concerns on 20th Amendment

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet today raised concerns over the draft 20th Amendment to the Constitution.

Speaking during the opening session of the 45th UN Human Rights Council session, Bachelet noted concerns the 20th Amendment will have on the independence of key institutions including the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission.

Bachelet also noted her concerns that Sri Lanka was reneging on its commitments to to the Human Rights Council.

“In Sri Lanka, I am troubled that the new Government is swiftly reneging on its commitments to the Human Rights Council since it withdrew its support for resolution 30/1. Among other developments, the proposed 20th amendment to the Constitution may negatively impact on the independence of key institutions, including the National Human Rights Commission,” she said.

She also said that the pardon given in March to a former Army sergeant convicted of participating in unlawful killings; appointments to key civilian roles of senior military officials allegedly involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity; and moves within the police and judiciary to thwart the investigation of such crimes, set a very negative trend.

Bachelet also said that the surveillance and intimidation of victims, their families, human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers should cease immediately.

She encouraged the Council to give renewed attention to Sri Lanka, in view of the need to prevent threats to peace, reconciliation and sustainable development. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Good on Michelle Bachelet for her unwavering stance and vigilance, though never could make up for UN’s failings under Ban Ki-moon.
    Obviously, the concerns that Bachelet has raised are specific to Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s presidency.
    However, we should note that the military was always involved in surveillance and intimidation of victims, their families, human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers, even through the times of Yahapalana government. Military had always taken it upon itself to hide its crimes, and it has far too much to hide.

  2. The West and its puppets want greater freedom for the least evolved people, in order to create chaos in the developing countries so the West’s dominant power is intact. Easter Sunday bombings was the great example for giving too much freedom to the people who are not evolved enough to appreciate the freedom. The West has been developing its knowledge for the last 700 years and using its knowledge to trick the developing countries.

  3. Given the recent trend to use state resources to deter innocuous statements of perceived dissent, a worrying trend is beginning to emerge.

    Although an usually abrasive member of the “gravy train,” Bachelet has raised some genuine concerns this time.

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