Japanese egg-based products giant ‘Kewpie’ launches in Sri Lanka

Finch Trading (Pvt) Ltd, unveiled a range of the world-renowned Kewpie products in the Sri Lankan market in partnership with the brand’s Malaysian operator Kewpie Malaysia. Kewpie is Japan’s premier manufacture of egg-based products, fine foods, spreads, dressings, and condiments with a heritage of over 100 years to its credit. Its counterpart Kewpie Malaysia has been in operation for over 10 years in the market.

A Japanese household name, Kewpie has been trusted for generations, with a range of products loved for their unique taste and incredibly high quality. The Kewpie mayonnaise, which is considered to be the best tasting mayonnaise, is the most commonly found condiment in Japanese households.

This same trend has continued in Malaysia with Kewpie products also becoming a household name for condiments in the country. In fact, the Kewpie factory in Malaysia was specially set up to produce halal products of the highest quality to cater to the requirements of Malaysian customers.

The Kewpie Malaysia products that are available in Sri Lanka include Japanese Style Mayonnaise, Original Sandwich Spread, Cheesy Cheese Sandwich Spread, Spicy Black Pepper Sandwich Spread, Roasted Sesame Dressing, Caesar Dressing, Hot Spicy Dressing, and Thousand Island Dressing. The newly launched products are now available in all leading supermarket outlets and retailers across the island.

Speaking about the unveiling and the Kewpie brand, Fawaz Fassi – Managing Director of Finch Trading had this to say, “Kewpie has been Japan and Malaysia’s most well-known brand of mayonnaise and dressing. Its rich, creamy delicious taste and unique texture make it a hit all around the world. Now for the first time, we’re giving Sri Lankans access to these high- quality products that will make mealtimes so much more fun, healthy and also more convenient. In recent times there has been a significant shift in consumers’ taste towards less healthier eating choices. Kewpie dressings offer excellent quality and always inspire the tongue with its unique flavour. It also tastes delicious and is manufactured to the highest quality standards, so consumers can rest assured they are only getting the very best.”

Kewpie is also world-renowned for its focus on promoting a healthier eating lifestyle and, in
keeping with Japanese traditions, uses only high-quality ingredients. All products produced by Kewpie Malaysia are guaranteed to be of excellent quality and are also 100% halal. Kewpie foodstuffs benefit from state-of-the-art Japanese packaging and design, making them easy to store and even dispose of. The specially designed bottles keep air out ensuring the contents stay fresh. They also make Kewpie products easy to handle and provide a perfect sized serving with every squeeze.

Kewpie’s authorized distributor, Finch Trading (Pvt) Ltd, is a rapidly expanding FMCG
distribution company that specializes in a wide range of high-quality international brands. Finch also holds the distribution rights to several popular global brands, including Bragg Live Foods from the USA and The Berry Company of UK.