Archbishop of Canterbury begins consultation process to pick Anglican Bishop of Colombo

The Archbishop of Canterbury has asked Anglicans in Sri Lanka to pray as he continues to consult widely on the most suitable person to be the new Bishop of Colombo.

Archbishop Justin Welby has started a consultation process after the inconclusive election of the new Bishop of the Diocese of Colombo on Saturday 15 August 2020. The Diocesan Council referred the matter of the appointment to the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is Metropolitan of the Church of Ceylon.

The Archbishop will be meeting on Monday (14th September) with the Consultative Body, the group of clergy and lay members of the Diocese who are nominated as per the Diocesan and Church of Ceylon’s constitutions.

As well as taking the views of the Consultative Body, the Archbishop will also be listening to as many of the key stakeholders in the Diocese of Colombo and the Church of Ceylon as possible, including members of the Diocese of Colombo’s Standing Committee.

Archbishop Justin Welby said: “The Church of Ceylon is a courageous, resilient and hope-filled Church that lives out the good news of Jesus Christ. It is a blessing to Sri Lanka and to the global Anglican Communion. As we discern the new Bishop of Colombo, I ask for the prayers of our Anglican brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. May the Holy Spirit guide our decision-making, and enable the Diocese of Colombo and the Church of Ceylon to flourish in the years to come.” (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Threshold percentage needed could not be reached because of the archaic formula used though the final consensus was quite clear and obvious. I have been since praying myself for a New Bishop and if I was given the choice I will give it to the one who reached the tape first but did not break the record which is fair to all three in the race. I know they are all Godly Men.
    I am Michaelite but I love the Cathedral in Colombo it echo sticks are Great due to the dome and the Lanerolle Tenors could bring the roof down., and all can sing ‘How Great Thou Art”.
    Divine love to the Anglican brotherhood of Sri Lanka,

  2. I am aware that the voting for the new Bishop of Colombo was fairly conclusive and the matter had been referred to Canterbury as a matter of courtesy, and as the outdated constitutional requirement was not found. I think Canterbury must not make a hue and cry about this but follow the precedent set by his predecessor and go about immediately and finalize this appointment without further delay.

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