Ocean Lanka recognises sixty-three long-serving employees

Ocean Lanka Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka’s largest weft knitted fabric manufacturer, recognised and rewarded a large cohort of long-serving employees at the ‘Sewa Abhiman 2020’ Loyalty Awards, where gold coins were presented to 63 employees, who completed 10 years of service at the company.

Addressing the staff, Managing Director of Ocean Lanka, Dr. Austin Au, described the awardees as “pioneers” whose unwavering loyalty and commitment have shaped and contributed towards the company’s success.

“For the past 25 years, the company has thrived on the passion, perseverance and dedication of our staff. We continue to nurture a reliable and trustworthy environment, by maintaining a policy of honesty and transparency, and placing high value and respect upon each individual. This is our DNA and the long years of service are ample proof of those values being vibrantly lived, every day.” Dr. Au said.

The ‘Sewa Abhiman 2020’ Loyalty Awards is a culminating activity of Ocean Lanka’s anniversary celebrations and is considered as one of the most important employee recognition events. The company remains committed on the professional development of staff and the allocation of various incentives and employee engagement activities to further motivate them to deliver the best of their ability.