Crew of oil tanker taken to Hambantota Port

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The Sri Lanka Navy today escorted 20 crew members of the MT New Diamond oil tanker, that caught fire on Wednesday (03), to the Hambantota Port.

Sri Lanka Navy Spokesman Captain Indika de Silva told the Colombo Gazette that the crew members will be moved to a quarantine centre in Galle and placed in isolation.

Joint efforts by the SL Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force, Indian Navy and Coast Guard, and other international tug boats had helped to completely douse the fire on Sunday (03).

However, the fire had once again re-ignited on a low scale around 06.30 p.m. last evening.

Captain Indika de Silva said that the fire has been contained as of now and measures are underway to control blazes that erupt in the future.

Tugs that were initially dispatched to contain the fire are engaged in pumping water to douse the flames that erupt from time to time on the oil tanker.

The Sri Lanka Air Force has conducted air drops of dry chemical powders to douse the fire, while it has conducted surveillance today to provide live updates on the fire, he said.

Captain de Silva said that the weather contributed to the intermittent flames erupting on the oil tanker today, adding that the weather was considerably better in comparison to last evening. (Colombo Gazette)