British woman urges support for Sri Lanka’s strays

A project that aims to help stray cats and dogs in Sri Lanka is asking for donations to boost its work and expand its operations.

Rachel Schofield, from Wigton (UK), founded Help Hikkaduwa Strays after a holiday to the area in September 2013.

She was determined to help after seeing the number of strays suffering and her organisation now rehomes litter after litter of abandoned pups and kittens.

The charity’s work also involves regular feeding of the strays in the local areas, neutering and spaying, and treating sickness or injury as well as taking in disabled, blind or traumatised older cats and dogs who live permanently with the charity’s manager in Hikkaduwa, as well as helping locals spay their pets.

Rachel is now expanding her work to help strays in the Badulla area of the country and is asking for donations to help make this possible.

She wants to help Andrea Arthur who rescued 14 dogs from the streets there.

Rachel said on Facebook: “We have supported Andrea for some time in feeding the stray dogs in her area .

“We have several pieces of land to view once the pandemic enables us to do so.

“In the meantime we are funding the vaccinations (DHPL) of all Andrea’s dogs.

“Once they have completed the course we will work with Andrea to help improve the health of the strays in her area.

“This way her own dogs are safe before more in-depth work to help the street dogs and cats begins.”

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