Hundred under-aged couples arrested for improper behaviour

The Police arrested 100 couples for improper behaviour in the Anuradhapura Police Division.

The couples were arrested during a raid carried out by the Police, the Police media unit said.

According to the Police, the couples were attending tuition classes and were arrested for improper behaviour at public places.

The couples are residents of Mahawilachchiya, Thanthirimale, Eppawala, Nochchiyagama and Galenbidunuwewa.

The couples were handed over to their parents after a stern warning. (Colombo Gazette)


    • I don’t know. But I wouldn’t like to be the kid who had to come home to you. Having to listen to your bullshit, would be a fate worse than death!

  1. Gabriella:
    Your determination and fervour to sell ignorance, madness and hatred is more apparent than ever. Usually, you try to camouflage it. Good on you for keeping it real at times.


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