President frees 444 prisoners to minimise congestion

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has ordered the release of 444 prisoners to minimise congestion in local prisons.

The Prisons Department said that all 444 inmates were in jail for minor offences or were unable to pay fines.

According to the Prisons Department 18 females are among the inmates who were freed.

A total of 83 inmates are being freed from the Welikada Prison, 54 from Pallekele, 35 prisoners from Kuruwita, 30 prisoners from Mahara and 28 from Anuradhapura.

According to the Department of Prisons, there are about 33,000 prisoners in the country’s prison system which can hold 11,762 prisoners. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Punishment has a rehabilitation aspect. Those assessed to have been reformed and unlikely to repeat their offence, should be paroled; however, this can only apply to minor offences and those sentencing with parole eligibility.
    But it won’t have the same outcome with the voters as releasing a convicted military serial killer of Tamil civilians, sentenced to death penalty. Because that’s an eligibility criteria for the title of raṇaviruvā.

    • The Hindus need more Gods on their team. May I suggest a serpent with the heads of all the LTTE leaders on it.

  2. Well done President Gota. Jail is not an option for people simply too poor to pay fines. It is harsh medieval punishment and not “justice”.

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