Harsha Amarasekera assumes duties as Chairman of Sampath Bank PLC

Harsha Amarasekera PC. appointed as Chairman (Non-Executive, Non- Independent) of Sampath Bank PLC with effect from 30th August 2020. The resolution was passed by the Board of Directors of the Bank at the meeting held on 27th August 2020.

Harsha Amarasekera, President’s Counsel, is an eminent legal practitioner in the legal fraternity of Sri Lanka with a wide practice in both the Commercial Courts as well as the Appellate Courts. His areas of expertise include Commercial Law, Business Law, Securities Law, Banking Law and Intellectual Property Law. He also has significant experience in arbitration and cross- national disputes.

He was admitted to the Bar in November 1987 and took oaths as a President’s Counsel in November 2012.

Harsha also has extensive experience in the corporate sector and currently serves as an Independent Director of several leading companies listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange including CIC Holdings PLC (Chairman), Swisstek (Ceylon) PLC (Chairman), Vallibel Power Erathna PLC (Deputy Chairman), Vallibel One PLC, Expolanka Holdings PLC, Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC, Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC, Ambeon Capital PLC and Amaya Leisure PLC. He is also the Chairman of CIC Agri Business (Private) Limited and Swisstek Aluminium Limited. He was a Director at Amana Bank PLC since its inception until his retirement in February of this year.