President gives go ahead for controversial Neluwa – Lankagama road

By Indika Sri Aravinda

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has given the go ahead for the construction of the controversial Neluwa – Lankagama road.

The President visited the site where the road is being constructed together with the relevant Ministers, officials and others.

Concerns had been raised that the road will damage the Sinharaja forest.

On August 18 the President ordered the road construction taking place in the buffer zone and inside the Sinharaja World Heritage Site be immediately halted.

However, following an inspection visit today, the President’s office said that some groups had made statements without studying the actual ground situation.

The President was informed today on the importance of the road for residence in the area.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa ordered that the road construction go ahead without damaging the forest.

He ordered that the road construction carried out with the assistance of the Army, be completed in three months.

The Road Development Authority had said the building of the 18 kilometre road from Neluwa, Galle to Lankagama running through the Sinharaja forest was started on a request made by the residents in the area. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Good Move, Mr President.
    Now you can move your Official Residence and Office to the Singharaja Forest where you finally belong and keep company with the wildlife there! Come back to Colombo in 6 years time to seek your re-election!!

  2. The bio-diversity at the moment is at a very critical juncture, and its conservation is of prime importance to the maintain the all important balance of nature. Will this stretch be properly supervised for illicit animal poaching and even illicit harvesting of trees, that would see even rare species been smuggled, as has been, out of the country until it reaches extinction. The scientist and others are very aware that there are private collectors overseas and of many who run private zoos, who would pay the depreciated rupee price, and in dollars terms, costs a pittance. All this forests, even of what is left, is a gift of nature, let us take good care of it.

  3. What a joke!
    Prez Gotabaya presented himself as someone with the resolve to do tge the right thing by halting the road construction. Then conveniently days later he earned a PhD in environmental science to declare that the environmental organisations that are against the road didn’t understand the ground situation. He knows he can get away with anything in the current wave of popularity. So he’s playing the fools.
    There’s no mention of any assessment by environmental experts on the government’s side to have assessed this road to be harmless to the forest and the ecosystem it supports. Simply, without any justification, they have stated that the residents wanted the road, so they began building it. No concern for the protected forest; no regards for science.
    It’s so easy to get away with beating up on the environmentalists. Money talks, and votes count more than our ecosystem.

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