Police claim notorious criminal shot dead while trying to escape

The Police claimed a notorious criminal was shot dead while trying to escape.

According to the Police, the suspect, identified as Indunil Vajira Kumara alias “Indra” had attempted to escape from Police custody when he was killed in Nawagamuwa.

Indra is said to be a gunman who worked for another leading underworld figure identified as “Samayan” and was involved in several criminal activities.

This is not the first time criminals have been killed in the recent past while in Police custody.

In 2018 the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) had raised concerns over incidents of custodial death.

The CPA noted there were several unsolved incidents of custodial deaths in the past, some dating for over a decade, with similar reports of victims either attempting to attack or escape and being shot at in the process. (Colombo Gazette)