Earth tremor felt in parts of Kandy

An earth tremor was felt in parts of Kandy late this evening, residents and officials said.

Officials said that the tremors was reported mainly in Haragama and Digana in Kandy.

The cause for the tremor was not known but the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau said the tremor was not caused by a natural occurrence.

The public were urged not to panic as a result of the tremor.

Some residents had claimed that picture frames and other items had fallen in their residences as a result of the tremor.

An investigation is currently underway. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka probably lacks the technological know-how to detect the causes of earth tremors such as the ones felt around the central hills recently. If the geology department claims it is not not due to natural phenomena it must then announce at least a few probable reasons, none of which seem forthcoming. Typically, the matter will also lose momentum and the officers will go back to sleep until a huge shock results in devastation, which will be explained as being “bigger than what we expected” or such nonsense.

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