Fonseka warns Wigneswaran of consequences if he undermines Sinhalese

Former Army Commander and Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Parliamentarian Sarath Fonseka today warned Parliamentarian C.V Wigneswaran that he will face the same consequences as certain others in the past if he undermines the Sinhalese community.

Speaking in Parliament today Fonseka said that Wigneswaran must keep in mind that there were others in the past who attempted to undermine the status quo of the Sinhalese and were eventually shot dead.

Fonseka also said that LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran also attempted to divide the country and create a separate state but faced a similar fate.

The former Army Commander said that Wigneswaran can never be a Prabakaran saying he is too old and has no time in his hands.

“Settle down. Be happy with what you have. Never try to underestimate and undermine the
status quo of the Sinhalese in this country. If you do that you will face the consequences, which will be very unpleasant consequences,” he said.

Wigneswaran has been accused of making damaging comments in Parliament in his maiden speech promoting division in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. SF’s words tantamount to thuggery. He failed to point out how CV Wigneswaran undermined the Singhalese people in his maiden speech. Does SF really believe that CVW is threatening to start an armed struggle of his own for Tamil rights? Gosh. This is the usual calibre of MPs we elect to look after this country.
    SF is intellectually no match for anyone with even an ounce of it in the parliament. Certainly not a match for CVW. CVW always faces the wrath head on, as he has for his maiden statements at the current parliament. His response is published elsewhere.
    While I unequivocally reject the need to conjure ancient history to support the legal rights of the Lankan Tamils for equality and self-determination, I see the masses playing that game. So much fiction, so much creative freedom, so much contradiction exercised by the majoritarian to say that if the Tamils want equal rights or federal set-up or a separate state, they should pack up and move to Tamil Nadu in India. They demand as if Tamil Nadu/India has a legal obligation owed to Sri Lanka on some ground. That’s just bigoted buffoonery.
    Hence, I can understand why CV Wigneswaran boldly sets out to set the historical accounts straight, and counter the fiction that’s circulated by those blinded by bigotry. CVW has declared his openness to debate his knowledge of history if anyone sees that any of it is incorrect.

  2. Furthermore, Fonseka should be made cognisant of the fact that if his brand of boorishly arrogant bellicosity continues, India may feel beholden to launch a humanitarian operation to save the long suffering masses from the thugs, murderers and thieves masquerading as law-makers in Sri Lanka.

    Given that the much vaunted most “fowerpul army” (SLA) in the world will be no match for the might of the Indian army. The new “status quo” could well be a Hindi speaking majority.

    Perhaps, the lessons of history have eluded Fonseka.

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