Canada supports prosperous, inclusive and reconciled Sri Lanka

Canada supports a prosperous, inclusive and reconciled Sri Lanka, the Canadian High Commission in Colombo said.

The Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, David McKinnon called on Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to congratulate him on his election and discuss issues of mutual interest, including Canada’s support for a prosperous, inclusive and reconciled Sri Lanka.

Rajapaksa tweeted saying he had a productive discussion with the Canadian High Commissioner on ways in which Sri Lanka and Canada could work together on a number of areas of mutual interest.

David McKinnon thanked the Prime Minister for taking the time to meet him.

“Always good to talk, including about how we can work together to support an inclusive and prosperous Sri Lanka,” David McKinnon tweeted. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. @sugandh t.

    Kumaran Pathmanadan maybe a good referee to counter you claims of continuing government persecution of “poor innocent” Tamils.

    • Gabriella, no need for references when I am in direct connection with real people in real situations. Well aware of the Tamils plight having firsthand experience. Not naive to buy any propaganda based on whichever opportunists’ that you choose to cite to support your agenda.
      Kumaran Pathmanadan is someone I had to google to know. I was quickly reminded of his close association with the Rajapaksas since 2009/2010(?). He can attest to his LTTE experiences and now he’s in the safe hands of Rajapaksas as long as he plays their tune.

  2. And when Sri Lanka is “reconciled” Mr McKinnon; does Canada plan to return all the “poor persecuted” Tamil refugees ? Or, are they all fine upstanding citizens now ? And while you are “at-it,” would you be so kind as to inform us what your expectations would be for a reconciliation to have the Canadian tick of approval.

    • You’re at it again Gabriella. Ignorance, bigotry, and stupidity exuded splendidly in a few short sentences.
      With the exception of India, and possibly few other nations, refugees, from wherever they fled persecution, became residents of the asylum granting nation, and eventually became citizens of their new home over past nearly 4 decades. Hence, they are no longer refugees. They no longer live in a country ruled by barbarians.
      No end to your ignorance. You made no mention of the Singhalese refugees who sought asylum in those same nations and were granted asylum. They weren’t even persecuted by the state; they weren’t even victims of state run terror. They cited LTTE terror attacks to seek asylum while they had the protection of the state and its security forces. Let me remind you that the Tamils vastly fled from state run terror, and the unspeakable crimes of SL armed forces.
      Those refugees who fled to India since 35+ years ago still remain in India in refugee camps. A decade after the war ended, most do not feel safe to return to their homeland because the armed forces that attacked them, their homes, their communities, and killed thousands of Tamil civilians over many decades now are permanently stationed there.
      You continue your propaganda that those Tamil refugees in western countries like Canada proved not to be upstanding citizens. Can you corroborate your incessant propaganda against those folks with declarations from the states that granted asylum?
      In reality, the declarations of those nations are just the opposite. Recently the Toronto Mayor John Tory cited the Tamil refugees as a success story in support of asylum to Syrian refugees.
      It seems that those accolades are your real gripe. The successes of those of folks and their progeny are astounding. They won’t be returning to SL for its stability, safety, and peace loving civility because those things stopped existing when the colonizers left. Some courageous souls do return to rebuild their communities.
      Lastly, it will be those who were persecuted and victimized who will give the tick of approval on what tantamounta to successful reconciliation.
      Let’s be reasonable when representatives of such noble countries encourage our barbarians to embrace civility and peace. Maybe then, we just might take a few steps in the right direction.

      • The voting blocks the Tamils have been adept at forming in their adopted nations have proved to be a potent coercive tool.

        These voters have no loyalty to their adopted nations, and therefore maintain group cohesiveness motivated by self interest.

        Don’t confuse the patronising platitudes of politicians designed to garner the support of those block-voters as being representative of the rest of the nation.

        And by the way, you should have had your Eelam. But that is a “thing” of the past. The continuing “song and dance” show of the diaspora will only hinder, and not progress the Tamil cause.

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