Solheim accuses Prabhakaran of failing to compromise

Former Norwegian Peace Negotiator Erik Solheim has accused slain LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran of failing to compromise and not accepting to evacuate Tamil civilians during the final stages of the war.

Solheim tweeted saying the LTTE had also admitted to the killing of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Norway played the role of mediator between the LTTE and the Government and attempted to get both sides to end hostilities during the final stages of the war.

“I accuse Prabhakaran of failing to compromise and not accepting to evacuate Tamil civilians. It was the Sri Lanka army who indiscriminately shelled and bombed people to death. I wish we as mediators had the powers to influence the parties to make wiser decisions,” he said.

He also said that no one in the international community agreed to a separate Tamil state.

“Neither we, nor India, US, China, EU or anyone else. The aim of the peace process was a federal solution to Sri Lanka. The vast majority of Tamils would have been happy with that,” he said.

Solheim also said that during discussions he had with LTTE peace negotiator Anton Balasingham, the latter had admitted that LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran ordered the killing of then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by the LTTE in May 1991. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Even today followers and sympathisers of LTTE don’t want to cooperate in rebuilding process. You like it or not, the days of separatism is long gone, it needs to empower people of North and East of Sri Lanka. Many politicians representing the areas are still voicing for separatism, not a word of encouragement for people to have a hope. They want to keep on brainwashing youth of North to be ready to another war rather than giving them a hope for future. Many of them have their children overseas or in some cases married to powerful people from South.

    • Bathalahilapalla:
      You’re correct that we (that includes all peoples of SriLanka) need to empower the people of North and East SriLanka; how do you propose we empower the people of N&E SriLanka? Are you okay to empower them with equal rights and justice, not just in words but in actuality?
      You’re deeply wrong on the idea that the demand of the people is a separate state. Why do you equate the demands of equal rights to demand of a separate state? Is granting equal rights for the Tamil minority a concern to you? Why do you not speak of equal rights for SriLanka’s Tamil minority when talking about empowering them?
      Can you state exactly how the elected representatives of the N&E are not cooperating with the rebuilding process? Is asking for their rights to be granted and protected by the state an impediment to the rebuilding process? Is asking for accountability an impediment to the rebuilding process? Is reconciliation an impediment to the rebuilding process?
      I, as a Northerner with footing in the East, do not know of anyone who is rooting for a separate state. I know a lot of people who just wanted the barbarism on all sides to end. They are very unsure that the state will refrain from its barbarism of the past. Can you raise your voice to protect these people and empower these people instead of accusing those trying their hardest to empower these people as separatists?
      Lastly, don’t underestimate awareness and decision making ability of the North and East voters. They unanimously voted for a specific mandate; due rights of the people first; abuses must stop now.

  2. Got to appreciate that Erik Solheim has taken opportunity to declare what all Sri Lankans must know and accept so they may stop continuing to hide, distort, and/or minimize the facts. The state’s and the SL military’s strategy to squash the LTTE was gravely flawed from the get go. What came out of it’s strategy was a criminally achieved military victory. The victory brought no solution to address the root of the issue, and there hasn’t been one since the end of the war because the majority of the population is insecure about a federal set-up that will make all the North and East peoples equal partners to the success of this country.

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