Flyovers to be constructed near Slave Island railway station

Cabinet approval has been granted to construct flyovers close to the Slave Island Railway Station.

Co-Cabinet Spokesman Minister Udaya Gammanpila said the project has been estimated at a cost of Rs. 6 billion.

The flyovers will be constructed above the railway tracks along Sri Uttarananda Mawatha and Justice Akbar Mawatha in Slave Island.

The flyover constructed near Sri Uttarananda Mawatha will be 420m in length, while a flyover near the Justice Akbar Mawatha will be 350m in length.

Minister Gammanpila said the flyovers are to be constructed as a solution to the 3 to 4 hour traffic congestion reported in Slave Island on a daily basis.

The proposal was submitted by Minister of Highways Johnston Fernando after Slave Island was identified as the most congested area within Colombo, he added. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Even so, there are far too many private and other road vehicles that could be be encouraged to be kept away by improving inter city Colombo transport. Even there many government vehicles that driven by individuals who do not qualify for them and could be through some misuse pf privileges and the expanding pool vehicle scheme. The duty free vehicle privilege should be stopped, and these are mainly to those at the higher income bracket compared to the majority of the population who have to travel by outdated transport technology particularly in buses that are built on lorry chassis and meant for heavy goods transport and not for passenger comfort. Even the windows on many new buses do not slide at all, and the passengers boil inside due to no circulation of air. The CTB who could give a better start for travel, is prominent by its backwardness.

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