Australia helps Sri Lanka fight organised crime

The Government of Australia has extended its support to Sri Lanka to face global threats of terrorism, organised crime and narcotics trafficking.

Several Australian supplied hand-held Chemical Detection Devices were presented to Acting Inspector General of Police, C. D. Wickramaratne today (27) by Australian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka David Holly and Australian Federal Police Detective Superintendent Rob Wilson.

At the presentation ceremony, High Commissioner Holly said Australia expresses solidarity with Sri Lanka in facing the impact of the global threats of terrorism, organised crime and narcotics trafficking.

“Providing Chemical Detection Devices will assist frontline police officers in Sri Lanka to respond to these crimes, and continues the long standing friendship between the Sri Lanka Police and the Australian Federal Police’, she said.

In response, Acting Inspector General of Police, C D Wickramaratne said the Australian government and the government of Sri Lanka, has enjoyed a long and endearing relationship of cooperation and friendships from the very inception.  The Sri Lanka Police, and the Australian Federal Police have further enhanced this relationship along with inter police cooperation, operational partnership, and enhancement of professional standards.

“I along with the Sri Lanka Police are profoundly grateful to the Australian government as well as the AFP for this valuable and magnanimous donation, which will ensure a stronger sense of bond and partnership in the future”, he said.

Training in Post-Blast Crime Scene and Narcotic Examination will be provided by the Australian Federal Police to ensure efficient and effective use of the Chemical Detection Devices.

The handheld chemical detection devices key functionalities include:

  • Portability, waterproof and built for in-field use
  • Ability to detect solids and liquids, including through containers
  • Wide range of operating temperatures and environments
  • Detection of explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, narcotics, precursors, and white powders (Colombo Gazette)