Close associate of Angoda Lokka stayed with him in Madurai

Advocate Sivakami Sundari, an alleged aide of Sri Lankan criminal Angoda Lokka, told the CB-CID that Athurugiriye Ladiya, one of the close associates of Lokka, stayed with him in Madurai, the New Indian Express quoted sources from the department as saying.

Sivakami Sundari, her associate Thiyaneshwaran from Erode, and Lokka’s girlfriend Amani Dhanji were arrested on August 2 for forging documents, including Aadhaar, for Angoda Lokka. Later, the CB-CID obtained custody of the three suspects from the Chief Judicial Magistrate in Coimbatore.

During interrogation, Sundari told the officers that one Ladiya, who escaped with Lokka from Sri Lanka following an attack on a prison in 2017, stayed with Lokka in Madurai for some time. There was information that Lokka arranged a passport in the name of Sadun el Valage before entering the country.

“The department would investigate the claim made by Sundari that Ladiya stayed with him,” said an officer.

As Lokka was a drug dealer, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is likely to investigate his connections in the State.

The NCB sleuths claimed the Madurai zone was created in 2013 and that drug cases registered before 2013 from the zone were being handled by officers of the Chennai zone.

Lokka is believed to have been active around 2010 and the Madurai zone does not have any cases related to him since 2013.

“There was no official communication so far to check Lokka’s connections in the locality,” said an officer from the unit.


  1. It is apparent that our country has been run by the drug lords and their patrons, the politicians, and the local agents are the local level politicians who run the police in the area by giving a blind eye to such activity. Many crimes, including disgusting crimes against women and children are also related to drug use, and even more shocking is the consistent discovery and arrests of women who are deeply involved in this crime, and worse so the private collection of large armories of these drug lords and their agents. The police should have been aware of this, which has been in existence for a long time, regretfully have turned a blind eye. altercations are met with threats by the mention of these drug agents and the law abiding citizen is held to ransom. The firm and strong stand taken by the President is admirable and definitely is having a positive effect against these vermin, and the laws delay is a display of mockery against justice.

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