KFC drops Finger Lickin’ Good slogan amid coronavirus

Global fast-food giant KFC says it is halting its “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We find ourselves in a unique situation – having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment,” the company said.

It has prepared new packaging with the phrase obscured, albeit lightly. The firm said the phrase would return when the time was right.

KFC closed temporarily in March amid the pandemic, but most have reopened.

The company promoted the new look through a YouTube video, showing the slogan pixelated on posters and its food “buckets”, saying: “That thing we always say? Ignore it. For now.”

Some people commented on social media the slogan was not a health hazard as you were already eating with your own fingers.

The company, which was founded in the 1930s by Harland Saunders, has used the Finger Lickin’ Good slogan since the 1950s

KFC is owned by Yum! brands, which also owns Pizza Hut. (Courtesy BBC)