Emerald supports COVID-19 fight with donation of PPE to front line medical staff

Emerald International, Sri Lanka’s best known manufacturer of menswear, recently extended its support to the national effort against COVID-19 with a donation of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the medical teams on the front lines.

The PPE, developed by Emerald International in keeping with international tech protocols for protective gear, were manufactured using internationally recognized high quality material.

Comprising both gowns and headgear, they were designed to ensure comfort, durability and protection. The kits, which come with 1901 fibre content and are made from 100% polyester, were handed over by Mr. M M M Ihsan, Executive Director of Emerald International at a simple ceremony held recently.

It was also the occasion for the launch of Emerald International’s premium grade NMRA (National Medicines Regulatory Authority)-approved ‘PROTECT by Emerald’ face masks. The masks were specially developed, using Emerald’s expertise and know how acquired over 60 years in the market as Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer of menswear.

The PROTECT by Emerald face masks are developed using a high calibre 5-ply reusable fabric with a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of 98%. Its melt blown filter middle layer is capable of producing a microbial cleanliness value that falls within the medically endorsed range. The masks are equipped with a water repellent outer layer along with an inner layer made of vapour absorbing fabric that takes the moisture away from the body. Hence, the masks, classed as water repellent and breathable are designed to fit the facial structure with a comfortable 3D shape devised evenly to minimize voice distortion. 

In a gesture of goodwill, Emerald International also took the opportunity to fete Dr. Anil Jasinghe for his exceptional commitment towards the fight against COVID-19. Dr Jasinghe was gifted with an exclusive ‘The Perfect Shirt’ by Mr. Emraan Mohamed, Marketing Manager of Emerald International.

The Perfect Shirt Collection , under the banner “Perfect Shirt for the Perfect Hero” epitomizes the heroic undertaking of the nation’s first responders in mitigating the COVID-19 epidemic. The initiative, launched in June, captures the spirit of the nation’s front line fight against the pandemic. People across communities were encouraged to nominate personnel whose contribution towards the fight against COVID-19 was worthy of recognition.

“As a strongly Sri Lankan brand, Emerald is proud of the outstanding commitment and courage shown by the first responders of our nation in fighting COVID-19. Their effort in keeping Sri Lanka safe is indeed worthy of appreciation. We are proud to have been able to recognise their efforts.” Says M.M.M Ihsan, Executive Director of Emerald International. “ We believe that the fight against this pandemic needs to be reinforced at all levels – pioneering the NMRA-approved PROTECT face mask is Emerald International’s contribution towards that undertaking,” he said in conclusion.