Abducted child rescued in Ampara, suspect arrested

By Farook Sihan

A child who was abducted from her house in Ampara has been rescued from a suspect said to be a relative of the child.

The 3-year-old girl had been reported missing early Sunday morning while she was asleep with her mother.

A Police compliant was filed over the incident and the mother together with the area residents and the Police had launched a search operation to find the girl.

Meanwhile, a Civil Defence Force member had heard the screams of a girl along a road and when he approached the area he saw a man carrying the child reported missing.

The man had claimed he found the girl and was taking her home.

The Civil Defence Force member had told the man to come with him on his motorcycle with the girl but he had initially declined.

The man had later agreed and they were taken to the Police and handed over.

It was later revealed that the man was a relative of the child and that he had abducted her.

Further investigations are underway. (Colombo Gazette)