Multiple arrests in Western Province in special operation

Multiple arrests have been made in the Western Province in a special 24-hour operation carried out by the Police.

The Police said that 1,141 suspects were arrested over various charges during the operation.

Among those arrested are 465 suspects on drug offences, 477 who had warrants issued against them and another 98 suspects accused of criminal activities.

The Police have been conducting similar operations in Western Province in the recent past.

Some of the arrests had been carried out after the suspects were identified using fingerprints. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Drug trafficking and Crime at an unbelievable rate because of the apathy, corruption and being influenced by connected henchmen
    occupying responsible positions in the society.

  2. What were the Police doing all these years and the sudden urge
    to arrest law breakers and people with warrants ? Amazing the sudden efficiency !

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