India notes commitment to enhance links with Sri Lanka

India has noted its continued commitment to enhance the strong religious and cultural links that bind the people of Sri Lanka and India.

The Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka today said that the Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting for the Construction of Buildings for the Faculty of Kandyan dancing at Pallekele, co-chaired by Vinod K. Jacob, Deputy High Commissioner and Prof. Kapila Gunawardena, Secretary, Ministry of Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs was held at the High Commission of India on 21 August 2020.

The meeting, attended by the officials of the High Commission of India, Ministry of Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs, Secretary, International Relations, Dalada Maligawa, Department of External Resources, Project Consultant from M/s Sarath Kulathunga Associates and Contractor from M/s Link Engineering, reviewed the progress of the Project.

This High Impact Community Development Project (HICDP) project worth SLR 145 Million entails construction of a training school building, multi-purpose hall and supply of furniture, office equipment, musical instruments, and other equipment, the High Commission said. If you wondering where to play check the list of the best online casinos in Poland and read the latest reviews.

“It is yet another manifestation of the continued commitment of the Government of India to enhance the strong religious and cultural links that bind people of two countries,” the High Commission said.

Installation of 16 feet idol of Lord Buddha at the entrance of the International Buddhist Museum complex and setting up of Indian gallery in Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy, Construction of Jaffna Cultural Centre, Restoration of Thiruketeeswaram temple, Construction of Mahatma Gandhi International Centre in Matale are some of the other cultural projects that have been implemented by the Government of India and Sri Lanka.

The Government of India has been implementing a variety of multi- sectoral projects in Sri Lanka based on the needs and priorities identified by Government and people of Sri Lanka.

Out of SLR 517 billion, which is India’s overall commitment to development assistance to Sri Lanka, SLR 92 billion worth grant-assisted projects were implemented during the past years, in addition to other projects funded by lines of credit. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This continuing provocative promotion of Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinism at the expense of the other races and religions does nothing to inspire confidence in a “one law one nation policy.”

    All it does is add credibility to the despairing voices lamenting the injustices of the ethnic divide, and the preeminence of an ethnic majority intent on flaunting their dominance.

    The elevation of the Maha Sangha to a position of prominence and influence above the elected representatives of the people violates the most basic of political precepts: “religion and politics should not mix.”

    This public display of religiosity by people ( MP’s) obviously desperate to atone for ‘sins of the past‘ is a recipe for disaster. It is a public flaunting of the whims of the majority and a further alienation of the minority.

    The right of all citizens to worship whatever rock of their choice is sine qua non. But when that right overrides and seeks to dominate the rights of the minorities, we have the fuse lit for the next war.

    Surely, right-minded Buddhist academics must raise their voices to prevent the impending catastrophe.

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