MP demands Speaker to remove parts of Wigneswaran’s speech

A Parliamentarian today demanded Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena to remove parts of a speech made by former Northern Province Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran from the hansard.

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Parliamentarian Manusha Nanayakkara accused Wigneswaran of expressing an opinion which could harm Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

He said that Wigneswaran took a pledge when entering Parliament to protect Sri Lanka’s sovereignty yet made comments which promoted dividing the country.

The Speaker responded saying he will look into the matter.

In his first speech as a Member of Parliament (MP), former Northern Province Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran yesterday demanded the recognition of Tamil rights.

He said that the people living in the North and East have a right to self-determination.

Wigneswaran also noted that every act will have its opposite reaction.

He repeated the words in Sinhalese saying “kala kala deh pala pala de” drawing a few reactions from the House.

Wigneswaran expressed these views after congratulating newly appointed Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena yesterday. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. C.Wigneswaran was the Chief Minister of NPC. He did not know how to spend the money allocated to the NPC but he and his cronies used the money to buy cars and housing and returned huge amount of unspent money to treasury.

    Is this idiot know any thing about the problems of the North?

    • My dear Sir:
      Are you indicating that the then NPC Chief Minister Mr. C.V. Wigneswaran did not understand the “Tamil problems”? Are of you the belief that the then Chief Minister had full latitude to undertake sweeping changes at provincial level, and that the NPC Chief Minister’s hands were not tied in anyway?
      Are you aware of the limitations and challenges posed by Prez. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government which the Chief Minister Wigneswaran had raised on more than one occasion to the attention of the public, soon after his appointment as the NPC Chief Minister?
      Do you know what the responsibilities of the Governor of the province, Gammanpila Arachchige Chandrasiri, were?
      Major General G.A. Chandrasiri officially appointed the elected TNA provincial council member/Chief Minister candidate, C.V. Wigneswaran as the Chief Minister.
      What was the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa doing while the governor and the chief minister of the Northern Province were not doing their job as you have alleged? Mahinda Rajapaksa government received tonnes of foreign funds meant for post-war development of the North and East. Did Prez Mahinda Rajapaksa make full use of the funds to meet his commitments to the donor nations?
      And you stated that Wigneswaran and his cronies used the money to buy cars and housing instead of developing the Northern Province. Please cite news sources for your allegations.

  2. Wigneswaran stated that every act will have its opposite reaction.This was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton (1643–1727), the physicist who formulated the motion laws laws. This is stale news for whole world He repeated the words in Sinhalese saying “kala kala deh pala pala de” drawing a few reactions from the House. Good it is true for their leader Prabha.

  3. Sovereignty is a cheap word to use as a means to deny the rights of the minority Tamils and carry on with the oppression.
    This SJB parliamentarian doesn’t comprehend the principles of a democracy. MP Wigneswaran has the right to express his stance which is in no way illegal or criminal. A democratically elected parliament is bound to have diverse views, agendas, and priorities. Each representative has the right to bring those to the forefront.

      • Gabriella, I am not surprised you asked that question. Your comments on related news articles were always heavy with ignorance and denial, and you fume at HR groups sounding the alarm on the current GOSL.
        Many Lankans have deliberately chosen to be ignorant and vigorously deny the past and the current abuses like the many holocaust deniers to date. I am not counting you out of that group.
        Please read up on the rights abuses that continue to occur in the North and East, for example, in 2020, military and state intel targeting anyone who brings light to the injustices of the state that remain unresolved and continue to hang over like dark clouds over Gotabaya’s presidency, (perhaps securing the impunity granted to him by the majority).
        A vastly Singhalese run police department in the North and East is not only unable to fully serve the locals in controlling crimes but also offer protection of those citizens illegally encroaching into the North and East. 11 years post-war, the Military is still holding onto lands of hundreds families under the pretence of security, without providing any solution.
        Don’t assume that Tamils in Colombo are exempt from abuses and humiliation. Simple example of how insidiously the abuses occur in post war SL; refusal of the relevant ministry branches to issue birth certificate in any language other than Sinhala whereas the law requires that such document are issued in bilingual/trilingual format encompassing the official languages; the particular official’s reply was that this is ‘Sinhala rata’.
        Gabriella, this is not the place to answer your question in its entirety. Even if I do, I am not convinced that it won’t fall on deaf years. Case in point: You have all the tools and faculties to have researched out the answer to your question but you didn’t. Yet this is an age old issue! Don’t rely on current SL media to educate you on the matter. Also, please read up on the concept of violent oppression by the state to curtail dissent and how it instils fear that transcends generations. Even today, the state’s military practices deliberate intimidation as if the heavy militarisation of the North and East in itself isn’t intimidation enough, after all SLAFs committed unspeakable crimes for decades.

        Very fortunate that many foreign governments, the UN, and HR agencies recognize the plight of Tamils in this country and have placed their watchful eyes.

      • We can start with the political rights. Sinhalese always hold a superior political power in every sector. Tamils asked for federalism like most developed countries in the world but was denied. Is the 13th amendment fully implemented? Nope. Police and Land powers are denied which is against our constitution. Sinhalese rule over sinhalese, tamils muslims and everyone in the country. Can a Tamil or muslim dream of doing that? Would you guys ever allow that to happen? You can be like oh ya you guys got ministries, officials and everything so why are shouting now or something but before you come up with that statement, can you list out what powers a ministry hold? What powers a provincial council hold? Why do we have to beg Sinhalese for every single development projects to be done? Why do sinhalese prefer to give all the powers in the world to one man that is the executive president? Would you do the same if the island was occupied by 100% sinhalese? Nope if the island was occupied by 100% sinhalese, sri lanka would have had a federal system by now. The mere fact that the sinhalese deny the implementation of the 13th amendment clearly shows the discrimination tamils face in their own country and that the sinhalese always want the tamils to be under them. Plain and simple.

        • I agree with both of you. There are issues that need addressing. I am not a member of either community, so, I can “see” the viewpoint of both sides.

          And, I couldn’t agree more; the stench of Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinism can be overpowering.

          But we don’t need another war or seperate state to solve the problems.

          • Gabriella, your biases are far too obvious for us to think you can be objective. You have been repeatedly reckless with assumptions and distortion of truth. You just don’t understand any other party’s reality or the root of their perspective. You can’t comprehend facts and you don’t care for facts. You’re operating on reckless assumptions.
            No one said here they’re looking for a war. Whether or not a separate state is the only solution is to be determined; that doesn’t mean that it is what is desired by any of us.

  4. Wigneswaran is entitled to his opinion. It is called free speech in a democracy. It is a pity that not a single MP was able to provide an eloquent reply.

  5. Request his leftist brother in law who is a firerey speaker in Parliament who used dirty words in Sinhala to shoot down the former PM in the Yahapalanaya Government.!!!!

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