WEBXPAY empowers customer to enjoy the freedom and security of online payments

Secure and reliable Internet payment gateway provider, WEBXPAY, has enhanced adoption of various fin-tech methods during the lockdown and curfew period, enabling people to make safe and secure online payments. Considering that Sri Lanka has a total internet user base of 10.10 million of which 69% are active internet uses, between the ages of 19-34, this segment of people is making the switch to online payments and WEBXPAY intends to be at the forefront of this digital payments journey in the country.

Highlighting just how secure its solutions are, WEBXPAY offers SSL or Secure Sockets Layer protocol for customers and Merchants, which creates a secure connection between a client and the server over which information is sent. This means online payments become much safer than making a physical bank deposit or Cash On Delivery (COD) as it empowers customers to activate the ‘ChargeBack’ option in case of frauds or non-delivery of goods/service by merchants.

WEBXPAY has an intricate onboarding process which has an extensive credit review done on every business that is allowed to accept payment online. This is a feed forward control mechanism used to minimize possible disputes within merchants and clients. Once the merchant is onboarded, merchant activities are monitored and based on the guides laid down by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, local banks and card scheme rules of Visa and MasterCard, the customer data is entered into platforms that are generally certified by Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. WEBXPAY ensures the highest security protocols are in place to protect customers making online payments.

Commenting on the steps taken daily to make a customer’s online payment journey safer, Omar Sahib – CEO / Founder, WEBXPAY, said: “Our Merchants and their clients are at the heart of our business and we take every preauction to ensure their online journey is safe and secure. What makes online transactions safer through WEBXPAY is that in the case of a bank deposit there is less traceability but in digital transactions the transaction details can be traced which will help to resolve a dispute. In a scenario where a client makes the payment on cash on delivery, there will be no traceability on the transaction and the customer will have to raise it up with the merchant. In case of a digital transaction the customer has evidence of the payment and has the right to activate the ChargeBack option with the corresponding bank. The ChargeBack option supports customers in case of unfair billing or fraud as the payment is reversed in a genuine instance.” In such scenario’s WEBXPAY collectively with the corresponding banks support the investigation and assist to provide justice to either parties.

WEBXPAY is playing a key role in empowering and enabling today’s merchants to propel their businesses on a bigger digital scale thereby driving e-commerce and c-commerce in Sri Lanka. The company also offers the most number of payment options compared to others in the same space and are the biggest SaaS-based company in Sri Lanka for SMEs. WEBXPAY’s clients range from small-scale merchants to large businesses to which it offers multiple solutions to fit the size and requirements of their businesses via self-service, personalized service or scheduled client site visits. The WEBXPAY team remains supportive and accessible 24 hours and is reaching out to client businesses needing support by extending suspensions of subscriptions while engaging with clients to see how we could help to develop them.

WEBXPAY is a success story of Sri Lankan tenacity, climbing up from 100 merchants in the first three months to 1700 merchants in a short span of 4+ years. The Company has during that short time formed partnerships with a number of banks, financial institutions and IT partners to ensure their merchants have the support and increased accessibility for a payment gateway.