JAT Holdings’ “Sayerlack Sathkaraya” dedicated to enhance the durability of wooden surfaces

JAT Holdings, Sri Lanka’s trusted leader of wood coatings, recently announced the launch of “Sayerlack Sathkaraya” – a thematic campaign which assures overall protection & care for wooden furniture with the range of JAT Sayerlack wood care products. By acknowledging the importance of preserving wooden surfaces for interior and exterior designing, JAT Holdings helps protect valuable furniture and wood items for generations to come.

While furniture plays an integral role in the lives of many families, it is important to take care of and understand wood – which lives and breathes as a part of Mother Nature. Understanding that wood deteriorates with age, “Sayerlack Sathkaraya” entails an array of products which could be used from the initial stage of timber selection, right up to the completed stage of finishing. This allows wooden furniture and surfaces to maintain a consistent look throughout the years.

With decades of expertise under its sleeve, JAT Holdings recognized the significance of meticulously choosing the right coating for interior and exterior wooden items. The perfect wood finishing requires careful planning to make certain that the finished piece looks attractive, performs well in service and meets safety and environmental requirements. By choosing quality wood coating products, consumers are able to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs in the long run, due to the long-lasting protection of wood finishes and furniture.

Subsequently, the JAT Sayerlack Waterbase and JAT Sayerlack PU (polyurethane lacquer) coatings were designed to fit the market’s need to obtain long lasting effects for the preservation of wooden surfaces.

Sayerlack Waterbase wood coatings are used on exterior wooden furniture such as pool decks, lawn chairs, doors and windows exposed to the elements. The coating does not crack, fade, peel off or discolour with time. The coatings are UV resistant, non-flammable and dries within a short period of time – entailing a selection of coloured stains and finishes to choose from, in order to suit a variety of customer needs and demands. Additionally, the product could also be easily applied with a brush and requires no professional equipment or expertise to do so.

Meanwhile, Sayerlack’s technologically advanced range of polyurethane lacquer (PU) coatings for interior wooden furniture is immensely popular due to many benefits and advantages associated with its use, including the superior level of protection it provides. During application, the coating creates an impermeable barrier between the elements and the object it conceals. With its smooth, hard surface, polyurethane (PU) seals out contaminants and provides protection from humidity and oxidation – which could cause aging and decay.

PU lacquers are resistant to chemicals, heat and abrasions, with the ability to transform any type of interior wooden surface into a different surface texture and finish. Sayerlack PU also has a wide range of products available, offering a selection of pigmented colours and effects including mother-of- pearl, granite, marble, filament, craqulet, rustic, distressed and many more – further fine tuning the quality of. Furthermore, Sayerlack PU is specifically formulated to provide utmost preservation, protection and excellent gross retention with a minimum number of coatings.

Positioned as the leader in wood coatings in Sri Lanka for the past 25 years, JAT was recognized at the renowned Presidential Export Awards 2019 and National Business Excellence Awards 2019 for its impeccable drive to constantly innovate and improve its deliverables, by keeping its consumers at the heart of its operations. As the world’s largest distributor for Sayerlack, JAT Holdings evidently proves its commitment towards offering quality products, thus elevating the playing field in Sri Lanka and taking the country to new heights.